Giving Children an Education for Life!

Guiding the education and development of each child in Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit according to his or her unique potential.


Living Wisdom School™  offers a holistic, educational approach which balances mind and heart, and body and spirit.  It is based on the Education for Life philosophy described by J. Donald Walters in his book,

Education for Life: Preparing Children to Meet Life’s Challenges.


Education for Life emphasizes experiential learning and practical skills for living such as concentration, self-awareness, self-discipline, and compassion. Students learn to develop properly their will power and to value feeling, as well as to expand their intellectual development.  Children learn to work with emotions and moods, to nurture an inner life, to love the world of ideas, to ask questions and to be original thinkers.

KriyanandaJ. Donald Walters describes Education for Life as “a system of education that will prepare children for meeting life’s challenges, not only to fit them for employment or for intellectual pursuits. It is also a way to see the whole of life, beyond years spent in school, as education.”


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