Other Programs

As part of our Education for Life curriculum, we offer a variety of programs that enrich our children’s learning. These programs include Sharing Nature With Children, based on the book of the same name by Joseph Cornell,  Music – singing with piano and guitar accompaniment, Drama led by a skilled drama teacher, Conversational French for all the ages (or Spanish) as we vary the foreign language exposure, and year-round organic gardening in the garden site right outside the classroom building.


Children need to learn math, science, reading and regular school lessons, but they also need nourishment for their imaginative life. In LWS Drama class we focus a great deal on our bodies in space and how we control them. We dance and find rhythms. We play theatrically inspired games that allow the children to remove themselves from everyday situations and explore how they might react as someone else. We also explore the Art of Acting. Drama class allows each child the opportunity to perform to his/her comfort level and still gain the valuable skill of public speaking. Most importantly, Drama class is fun! It is a way for the children to create, and express themselves in a controlled environment.


The Living Wisdom School music program offers children the opportunity to experience the fun, joy and self-expression of singing, dancing and playing instruments. Children are engaged in the multiple ways music is used to express oneself. Children explore timbre and rhythm as they learn to play a variety of percussion instruments such as drums, finger cymbals, Chinese wood blocks and Latin American cabasa. Through dance and other movement activities students learn to internalize musical pulse, rhythm, phrase and form. Children learn improvisation and composition on xylophones and marimbas using a framework of poetry. The quieting experience of chanting and the singing of songs with uplifting content and meaningful messages promote a healthy approach to life.


French is taught in short, lively sessions once a week. Core components of the class include songs, movement, and games.

The goal of the class is comprehension rather than fluency, with an emphasis on the joy of learning another language.

Organic Gardening

Children enjoy planting their own seeds, exploring the life cycles of plants – and eating the results!

Summer Camps

The summer is a time to explore, create new friends and rekindle past year’s camp acquaintances.

The Living Wisdom School offers two programs. The goals of these separate summer camps are to provide an uplifting playful environment that is motivating and engaging for children’s natural spirits.

Our popular annual Living Wisdom Yoga Day Camp, for children ages 5 to 11 takes place at the Ananda Community in Lynnwood, Washington With 5 acres of lawns, gardens, trees- and a swimming pool! Summer 2015 dates are July 20-24 and July 27-31. Registration is open to our current Living Wisdom Students, siblings, friends, and neighbors in our community.